May 5, 2006

With Ajobas Aajis and Panji

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I went to Savannah to meet my Aajobas, Aajis and Panji. We had a great time!
If you think I am crying in the pic below, let me correct you. I was just yawning!  I'm not a baby anymore.



Meeting Keeley!

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I was thrilled to meet Keeley, my first friend in Savannah! We hung out together a lot when we were in our mommie’s tummies. She was so happy to see me and so was I. I can’t wait till she visits me in Atlanta. We’ve already made plans without telling our parents!



Savannah here I come!

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I took the ferry ride on the Savannah river! I asked mom and dad can we move to Savannah?
I did’nt know we just moved to Atlanta from Savannah. Fine, we can visit a lot!


Forsyth Park where mom, dad and uncle Swappy played tennis.


Its Official!

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My name is Sara! Neha aatya did a "Cooooooooor" in my ear!

Everyone sang and we had fun! My ear still hurts!





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I was the center of attraction! Anikatai, Sonalmami and Aashumama joined us soon!





Neha Aatya came to see me!

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Neha aatya came to see me in March. I was happy to finally meet her!




May 3, 2006

Hang Gliding

Posted in Home at 6:28 am by Nikhil

Ummm, am not so sure about that glide Maa, do I have to go?


April 21, 2006

I’m back!

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I know I have been slacking for a while. It was a hard time for me. My first pollen season and a string of visitors just wore me out. But now I am back and I promise to keep you updated with the happenings. I still have to post pics of my naming ceremony and my fun time with Neha aatya and Anikatai.

I'll do that as soon as I am back from Savannah.


April 20, 2006

With Avni maasi and Vishal kaka

Posted in Home at 4:57 am by Nikhil

Avni maasi and Vishal kaka came to visit me all the way from Ronoake, VA


March 24, 2006

The little Greek Goddess

Posted in Home at 5:30 am by Nikhil

I command a lot of attention these days–or so I am told. This is right after I got a nice oil massage from Nani.

Our little Greek Goddess

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