February 22, 2006

How do I look with the studs?

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February 18, 2006

Piercing time!!

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Mom and dad got my ears pierced! I didnt cry at all! Well a little bit!

But it was good to hold on to dad! The pain disappeared.


Hey! I got a certificate for being a Super Brave Kid. My first certificate.


February 16, 2006

I’m one month old! Gosh I feel old!

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I was wearing the dress that nani made specially for my first month birthday 🙂
Dad doesnt need to wear glasses anymore but he still wore them the other day to bug mom.


February 15, 2006

Nana is here!!

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Nana came to visit me from Mumbai. He made it for my first month birthday!


February 11, 2006

Time to Sleep!

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I’ll be back with my updates after a quick nap!


February 7, 2006

My Family from Savannah!

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My aajis/aajoba from Savannah came to see me last weekend.
It was nice to finally see everyone. I had heard everyones voices before.

My panji from Savannah.


February 5, 2006

Amitkaka’s Visit

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Amitkaka came to see me from Portland.


He has never held a baby in his arms, but I’m special 🙂


Ok! Held me enough, now let me sleep!!


February 2, 2006

Doctor says I need more sun!

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