January 28, 2006

12th Day – First hairbath

Posted in Home at 9:13 pm by Nikhil

bhaiya.jpgToday Sara is 12 days old. It was exciting when we gave her a hair wash. She was happy too. Enjoyed every minute of it without crying. Today she’s waiting to welcome her Amitkaka. And then everyone will come one by one…….first Nana, then Neha Atya, then Aashumama, Sonal Mami and Anikatai, then Babbi Masi……It will be a little while before Aaji and Aajoba can come …May be by then Sara will turn into a perfect entertainer. Even now at the age of 12 days she has learnt to flash a sweet smile, throw a made up tantrum, play, act, sleep and much more …….you just need to sit by her side and watch her different moods!!!!!!

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