January 31, 2006

Story Time

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Mom read out a story to me! I liked the story – just found it too childish!


What did I learn from the story??? Let there be world peace!



January 29, 2006

I’m sleepy! Please let me sleep.

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January 28, 2006

12th Day – First hairbath

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bhaiya.jpgToday Sara is 12 days old. It was exciting when we gave her a hair wash. She was happy too. Enjoyed every minute of it without crying. Today she’s waiting to welcome her Amitkaka. And then everyone will come one by one…….first Nana, then Neha Atya, then Aashumama, Sonal Mami and Anikatai, then Babbi Masi……It will be a little while before Aaji and Aajoba can come …May be by then Sara will turn into a perfect entertainer. Even now at the age of 12 days she has learnt to flash a sweet smile, throw a made up tantrum, play, act, sleep and much more …….you just need to sit by her side and watch her different moods!!!!!!

Sara’s Homecoming

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Friday the 20th was a great day in the life of Sara. She arrived home from the hospital. It was a great day for us too. Nikhil and I got things ready for the occassion. I had kept the aarti ready to welcome the new member.

By the time all the hospital formalities were over it was quite a whle. Still we managed to be home by noon. At the entrance I did Sara’s aarti, put a little kumkum on her forehead and Gauri and Nikhil entered in the house with Sara the precious one. First gift she got was “Bakuli haar”, a gift kept for her by her great grandmother, my Aai. Sara looked so pretty wearing that. I remembered the day we had welcomed Anika 1st time she came to Bombay when she was 9 months old – Nani

January 20, 2006

Home Coming!

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After 4 long days at the hospital Dad and Maa took me home! Nani welcomed me with a nice aarti. I loved my room the moment I saw it. Its nice and cozy with stuffed toys and my own bassinet. I have a closet with my clothes and diapers 🙂
Check out my new car seat that Amitkaka gifted me along with the stroller. Cant wait to get out – dad thinks otherwise!


January 18, 2006

Hospital Pampering

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January 17, 2006

Beautiful me! :)

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Day 2 at the hospital. Mom and Nani couldnt wait to play with me and make me do things like hold a comb. Its okay, I’ll let them have a good time.

January 16, 2006

I’m born!

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I weighed 8 Lbs (ouch! sorry mom!) and was 20.5 inches tall. So yay, I’m kind of a big baby. I have a head full of hair. Everyone in the hospital was raving about that. I don’t understand, can’t a baby get a break! Everyone in the nursery was as bald as an egg except baby Collins who was sleeping in the next bassinet. He had some ascending forestation to keep me company. Here are some pictures so you don’t doubt me and mind you, don’t comment about my hair. I’m pretty sensitive about that.